Recycling is the thing

How do you dispose of old electronics? You can’t throw them away or take them to a landfill, but also can’t hold on to it forever either. Bring them to us and we will recycle them for you, free of charge.

Electronic Recycling

If you have any old or unwanted electronic devices, anything with a power cord, taking up space in your home, garage, or office, we will safely recycle free of charge. You can either drop off what you have at our store in Longview WA, or call us to come pick it up from your location.

Now, we will either recycle your old equipment or find a new home for it through our Technology Donations Program. We have found that some of the equipment brought in for electronic recycling is still in usable or near-usable condition. These items we will clean up and offer to donate to a charitable organization for their use, and we will donate the item in the name of the person or business who brought it in to the store.

it’s a great opportunity for both the donors and the charity organizations who benefit from the donated items. The donors regain their space in their home while safely recycling their old equipment, and the charity organizations benefit from the use of the donated equipment to help them in the service they provide to the community.

Everybody Wins!



Technology Donations Program

We have a Technology Donation Program that will accomplish two great things: It lets you safely recycle an electronic equipment that you are no longer using, and it helps volunteer organizations that provide services to people who could really use a helping hand.

We will take any electronic device you want to recycle, whether it is working or not. Once we have it we can do an evaluation to determine if it can be donated to a service organization to help them in the service they provide to the community. If it is something that can be donated we will clean it up and make minor repairs if needed, and then donate the item in the name of the person who brought it in for electronic recycling. If it cannot be cleaned up and donated then we will safely recycle the item in compliance with Washington and Oregon electronic recycling laws.

If you cannot bring the items you want to recycle into the store, we will come and pick them up from your home or business, just give us a call. Again, it’s a free service, everybody wins!





We’re Proud to be Part of the Community

Community is important to us, so we do all we can to support the volunteer organizations that do so much to serve those who are less fortunate or are dealing with challenges that most of us will never face.

We appreciate all they do and, to help these organizations we have developed a program to donate usable electronic equipment they may need for their daily operations.

You can help in this effort, by simply recycling your old electronics with us.